Jeffrey Foland

DVMKansas State University, 1987
Internship: Alamo Pintado Equine Medical Center, Santa Ynez, CA, 1987-1988
Residency: Colorado State University, 1989-1992
Master of Science in Surgery: Colorado State University, 1992
Diplomate American College of Veterinary Surgeons, 1994

Professional interests: Colic surgery, orthopedic surgery, lameness diagnosis and treatment

Dr. Foland was raised on a cattle ranch in Southeastern Wyoming. He attended college at the University of Wyoming and then earned his veterinary degree from Kansas State University.He completed an internship in the Santa Ynez Valley at the prestigious Alamo Pintado Equine Medical Center where he remained on staff for an additional year. Dr. Foland was accepted to the surgery residency at Colorado State University where he trained under the expertise of Dr. Wayne McIlwraith. Dr. Foland completed many break-through research projects including: the carpal chip model of osteoarthritis, analysis of the outcome of stifle OCD treated by arthroscopy,  the effects of corticosteroids on arthritis and how horses recover after tendon injuries. After residency, Dr. Foland joined Dr. Jerry Black at Pioneer Equine Hospital in California as a staff surgeon. In 1995, he moved to Texas and established himself as a surgeon and lameness diagnostician. Dr. Foland joined with Drs. Ritthaler and Hebbert to establish Weatherford Equine and currently serves as surgeon and partner in the practice. Jeff raises cutting horses with his wife Jennifer and also enjoys hunting and border collie training in his spare time. Jeff and Jennifer have three wonderful kids: Jordann, Jennah and Jarrett.

Bruce Hebbert

DVMOklahoma State University, 2005
Internship: Weatherford Equine Medical Center, 2005-2006
Residency: Oklahoma State University, 2006-2009
FELLOWSHIP: Hagyard Equine Medical Institute, 2010
Master of Science in Veterinary Biomedical Sciences: Oklahoma State University, 2012

Professional Interests: Neonatology, Gastroenterology, Ultrasonography, Neurology, Acupuncture

Dr. Hebbert was raised on a cattle ranch in West Texas. He attended college at San Angelo State University and then attended veterinary school at Texas A&M, graduating Magna Cum Laude. An internship was completed in Southern California where Dr. Hebbert remained for 3 years as an associate veterinarian. He then returned to Texas as a race-track veterinarian at Trinity Meadows where he developed a strong interest in lameness diagnosis and treatment. Dr. Hebbert joined Drs. Foland and Ritthaler to establish Weatherford Equine and currently serves as a partner in the practice. Bruce enjoys all aspects of big game and bird hunting, fly-fishing and team roping. He is married to the lovely, Deena Hebbert.  Bruce has three great kids: Jake, Jade and Jace.


DVM: Colorado State University, 1999

Professional interests: Advanced reproduction and lameness diagnosis/treatment

Dr. Ritthaler was raised in Wyoming as the son of a mixed animal veterinarian. He attended college at University of Wyoming and then completed his veterinary degree at Colorado State University. Dr. Ritthaler then joined Dr. Foland in the Weatherford area where he developed his expertise in treating performance horse issues and advanced equine reproductive techniques. Dr. Ritthaler and Dr. Foland joined Dr. Hebbert to create the hospital, and are now the three managing partners of Weatherford Equine. Justin is proudly married to Dr. Heidi Ritthaler and has three beautiful daughters Regan, Alex, and Kelsey. He enjoys golfing and hunting with friends, but as spare time is limited, he admits spending time with his little girls is his greatest joy.

Heath Qualls

DVM: Texas A&M University, 1990
Internship: Humphrey, Giacopuzzi and Associates Equine Hospital, Somis, California, 1990-1991

Professional interests: Lameness diagnosis and treatment in the performance horse

Dr. Heath Qualls grew up on a registered Angus cattle ranch in Southern Oklahoma.  He attended college at Oklahoma State University, where he took undergraduate courses and earned his degree in veterinary medicine in 2005.  He then moved to Texas for an internship at Weatherford Equine.  Dr. Qualls was then accepted to a residency at Oklahoma State University where he achieved board certification in Large Animal Internal Medicine.  His master degree was obtained upon the completion of research studying the efficacy of common gastrointestinal protectants on equine cantharidin toxicosis (blister beetles).  After residency, Dr. Qualls completed a fellowship at Hagyard Equine Medical Institute in Lexington, Kentucky where he worked on the Thoroughbred industry’s finest athletes in the intensive care unit for adults and neonates. He then joined an ambulatory practice in Rangiora, New Zealand. In New Zealand, he assisted in general equine practice and provided consultation on difficult internal medicine cases to veterinarians on the South island. Upon return to the United States, he served as a senior clinician and instructor of equine internal medicine at Washington State University.

Dr. Qualls returned to Weatherford Equine as Head of the Medicine Department. He attends to emergencies and critically ill adults and neonates in the hospital. ᅠ Heath enjoys playing basketball, Crossfit, mission trips with church, and training for triathlons and running competitions. He is proudly married to Meghan Qualls, DVM, CVA, ICVA.  They have two wonderful children, Tyson and Charlotte.

Ian Devick

DVM : University of Saskatchewan, 2013
Internship: Littleton Equine Medical Center, 2013-2014
Residency: Colorado State University, 2014-2017

Professional Interests: Laproscopic surgery, general surgery, lameness diagnosis and treatment

Dr. Devick was raised on a commercial cattle ranch in Western Canada and continued working there for five years after high school before deciding to pursue veterinary medicine. He attended college at Thompson Rivers University and then earned his veterinary degree from Western College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan. He then completed an equine internship at Littleton Equine Medical Center in Colorado. Dr. Devick received a position as a large animal surgical resident at Colorado State University and remained there for an additional year as a clinical instructor in Equine Surgery & Lameness and Equine/Livestock Emergency & Critical Care while he achieved board certification in Large Animal Surgery. During his time at CSU, Dr. Devick performed multiple research projects related to laparoscopic ovariectomy techniques and outcomes. Dr. Devick and his girlfriend enjoy their two dogs, a cat, three horses, and chickens. In his spare, he enjoys hiking and camping, roping, and working in the shop on various projects.


DVMRoss University, 2009
Internship: Weatherford Equine Medical Center, 2009-2010

Professional Interests: Podiatry, General practice

Dr. Loe attended Ross University and the University of Missouri for his veterinary studies. Paul performed farrier services in Parker County prior to enrolling in veterinary school. He is married to his beautiful wife Kelley Loe R.N. Together they have three children; Makenna, Sawyer, and Lawson. In his spare time he enjoys power tools and planning his next trip to Walt Disney World.

Since his internship, Paul has been instrumental in developing a first class podiatry service at Weatherford Equine. Dr. Loe’s farrier experience and medical knowledge allow him to address many complex issues in the horse’s foot. Our lameness experts rely on Paul’s ability to manage the shoeing aspect of a complete treatment plan for returning to soundness. Dr. Loe is available for farm based or hospital appointments.


DVM : Iowa State University, 2010
Internship: Weatherford Equine Medical Center, 2010-2011

Professional Interests: Advanced Reproduction (oocyte aspiration, embryo transfer, epididymal sperm harvest), general practice.

Dr. Young was raised on a farm in southern Iowa. He attended both undergraduate and veterinary school at Iowa State University and then joined Weatherford Equine for his internship. Following his internship Dr. Young moved to Lexington, KY where he worked as an associate veterinarian for Equine Medical Associates, PSC. Here he served some of the finest thoroughbred horse farms in the world focusing on reproduction, sales, dentistry, and general practice. Gabe is proudly married to Ann Young, DVM, and has four great kids Levi, Luke, Lila, and Liam. He enjoys spending time with his family and when the time allows also enjoys woodworking and fishing.

He returned to Weatherford Equine with a strong interest in advanced reproduction and has been instrumental in helping build one of the busiest oocyte aspiration services in the country. In addition to oocyte aspirations he stays busy with all other aspects equine veterinary medicine including general practice, dentistry, and lameness.

Gabrielle Martin

DVM : Colorado State University, 2013
Internship: Weatherford Equine Medical Center, 2013-2014

Professional Interests:  Reproduction, general practice

Dr. Gabby Martin was born and raised in Phoenix, AZ, where she grew up riding and teaching horsemanship lessons in the valley. ᅠAfter completing undergraduate studies at the University of Arizona, she attended veterinary school at Colorado State University.  Seeking a career centered on quality equine medicine she sought an internship in Texas. After completing a year now rigorous internship training Dr. Martin remained on staff at Weatherford Equine and focuses primarily on general ambulatory practice including preventative health, emergency care and reproduction. She is married to Tyler Martin, DVM and together they enjoy spending time with their “funny farm” of critters. ᅠIn her spare time she likes spending time with family, fishing, hiking, snow skiing, and obviously riding horses.

Chloe Gates

DVM : Oklahoma State University
Internship: Weatherford Equine Medical Center, 2017-2018

Professional Interests:  Reproduction, general practice

Dr. Gates was raised in West Texas.  She attended Oklahoma State University for both undergraduate studies and veterinary school.  After completing her 2017-2018 internship, she remained on staff at Weatherford Equine where she focuses on cycle management and herd health of the recipient mares as well as general practice. In her spare time, she enjoys riding her horses, fishing, and dabbling in leatherwork.

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