Weatherford Equine offers 3 internship positions through the AAEP avenues program. Two intern suites are located above the hospital and 2 apartments are located at our reproduction facility 4 miles to the west.

Application Deadline: November 1st

Please contact Dr. Heath Qualls
phone 817-594-9100   or

1877 Mineral Wells Hwy, Weatherford, TX 76088

Staffing Number and Tasks:

8 technicians, 3 front office staff, and 3 barn crew.

Type of Practice:

100% Equine; Full service referral and first opinion medical and surgical facility, advanced reproductive services, and ambulatory services.


State of the art facility built in 2002. Hospital includes multiple exam areas, surgical suite, ICU, isolation, lameness center finished in 2008, reproduction center finished in 2011, digital radiography, digital endoscopy, pharmacy, lab, 2 intern suites, 2 extern suites, and two intern apartments at the reproduction center.

Case Load:

Surgery- approximately 75 colic surgeries performed annually, arthroscopy, other orthopedic (including pastern arthrodesis, long bone fixation), and soft tissue surgeries. Reproduction- we maintain a large recipient herd that the interns are able to monitor and use to develop skills in reproductive ultrasonography, a large number of embryo transfers are performed at our breeding center and at local stallion stations. Our reproductive team services the finest cutting horse stallions in the world (including High Brow Cat) and the top breeding farms in the area. Medicine- neonatal intensive care and broodmare illness comprise the majority of the spring’s work. The balance of the year is filled with a mixture of adult and juvenile respiratory, GI and neurology related disease or performance issues and a small percentage of oncology, ophthalmology, dermatology, cardiology and endocrinology. Lameness- our hospital serves as a hub for performance and lameness evaluations. A very large percentage of our caseload throughout the year is related to lameness work.

Types of Cases (estimated % by system or categories):

35% Non-surgical lameness; 15% Surgical; 15% Medical/Miscellaneous; 30% Reproduction; 5% Preventative medicine

Estimated Breakdown of Daily or Weekly Load:

Our interns spend their time between 3 services: hospital/in-patient, out-patient, and floater/reproduction. This allows for attention to be devoted to a subset of our patients and also provides case continuity to maximize the learning experience.

Philosophy of Internship:

We feel that an internship should provide a new veterinarian with opportunities to increase their skill level and gain the comfort and knowledge that make an equine veterinarian or potential resident successful.

Prerequisites of Application and Internship:

Passed National Board Exam and the Texas State Board Exam.

Notification of Acceptance:

Friday prior to AAEP meeting as per AAEP Guidelines

Employee Benefits:

AAEP membership, AVMA membership, Professional liability, license, housing (studio intern apartment or apartment, includes utilities), 1 week paid vacation.

Employment Contracts:

One year contract

List of Internship Duties in Practice:

Position will not be limited to running anesthesia and taking radiographs, but will allow hands on experience in primary care of routine as well as emergency cases.

Emergency Duty Requirements/Amount   of Supervision:

As our comfort level with your confidence and ability increases, supervision will proceed from full time to an as needed basis.

Internship Salary & Term of Employment:

$36,000/year 1 year – June 1st to June 1st

Weatherford Equine Medical Center

1877 Mineral Wells Hwy, Weatherford, TX 76088

office: 817.594.9100 • fax: 817.596.5770

Weatherford Equine Breeding Center

6375 Mineral Wells Hwy, Weatherford, TX 76088

office: 817.594.9100 • fax: 817.596.5770

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